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Re: Reverting to GNOME for jessie's default desktop

Hi Josselin,

here's my take as d-i release guy. That's basically in line with
Christian's except for the last answer.

I'm also putting -boot@ in Cc so that other d-i members can voice their
opinions. Full mail can be found at:

Josselin Mouette <joss@debian.org> (2014-08-14):
> → Is the installation CD size still relevant?

If everything doesn't fit on CD#1 alone, too bad. Definitely not a
blocker. See, we released wheezy while CD#1 on i386 (without a net
mirror) isn't sufficient to install a whole desktop. We "just" need to
stop pretending it does (I stumbled upon at least such a page on
www.debian.org lately).

For those questioning the usefulness of those images: as a (maybe not
so) random debian-cd witness, keeping on building CDs is just a matter
of I/O on pettersson.debian.org, so I don't see why we should stop
building CD images if some users still find them useful.

> → What is the target audience of Debian-installer for the default
> image?

[ Replying with s/image/desktop/ in mind. ]

What Christian says.

It seems to me it's quite fair to imagine that so called “power users”
are very much able not to pick the default desktop and install their
beloved desktop environement or custom window manager instead.

> → What is the required level of accessibility?

Very high. At the very least we must not regress from a release to
another. Xfce is currently a pretty big regression in that area (which
explains the wording I used in my Beta 1 announce, pointing to Gnome
images instead).

> → Will you configure different defaults for different architectures?

If we're going to be back for Gnome as a default, we will likely need to
handle per-architecture defaults, since Gnome on non-Linux isn't going
to be supported (by either Gnome upstream, by Gnome Debian maintainers,
or by GNU/kFreeBSD porters, as far as I understand it).

If we're ending up implementing what I alluded to in my first reply to
this thread (in a nutshell: look at installable task-*-desktop packages,
propose a list, defaulting to whatever we prefer), that's likely doable.


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