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Bug#757182: debian-installer: Please provide a warning about BTRFS

reassign 757182 partman-btrfs

Quoting Russell Coker (russell@coker.com.au):
> Package: debian-installer
> Severity: normal
> http://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-btrfs/msg36461.html
> BTRFS has some issues that can cause system lockups, filesystem deadlocks that
> prevent writing to disk, and other problems.  After some discussion on the
> BTRFS mailing list (see the above URL for the archive) the consensus seems to
> be that we should have a warning.  BTRFS isn't at the stage where someone with
> little knowledge of it can just use it.  To have it work reliably the sysadmin
> needs to know more about it than for other filesystems.

I'm somehow reluctant to new debconf templates in a "late" stage of
d-i development. Moreover, it's important to decide about the time
such warning would be displayed. Maybe (if possible) when a user
decides to choose "btrfs" as filesystem for one of the partitions?

Not sure that partman allows that, too.

Another option would be to turn partman-btrfs into an "optional"
package by changing the priority of the partman-btrfs package. This
way, btrfs wouldn't be shown as an option to users going the default
way of installing Debian. People really wanting to use BTRFS would
then have to pick partman-btrfs in a list of optional packages to
install (only in expert mode).

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