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Re: Jessie: network link detection problems with Intel nics


and thanks for your report (even if the best way is filing a proper bug
report in the BTS: https://www.debian.org/Bugs/).

Floris Bos <bos@je-eigen-domein.nl> (2014-08-12):
> I'm having an odd problem on one of my servers in which the network
> link is not detected (error getting DHCP, going to console and
> entering "ip link" shows NO_CARRIER) on preseeded Jessie
> installations.
> Mainboard: http://www.supermicro.nl/products/motherboard/Xeon/C220/X10SLM_-LN4F.cfm
> 4x i210AT NIC on mainboard, cable connected to eth0
> Problem always occurs on:
> - Debian Jessie when doing automated installations
> - Ubuntu 13.10 netinstall
> - Ubuntu 14.04 netinstall
> Problem does not occurs on:
> - Debian Wheezy
> Problem sometimes occurs on:
> - Interactive installations on Debian Jessie. They work most of the
> time, but not always.

A few things that come to mind:
 - what if there's an extra cable plugged on to a NIC that isn't the one
   you PXE-booted from? There might be something going on that could be
   related to the boot method, like a faulty initialization somewhere
   because there was already some traffic on that interface.
 - what if you try to unload and reload the igb module? I've just
   checked that modprobe -r $foo and modprobe $foo work just fine
   from a console in the installer context.


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