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Re: Final steps for Jessie Beta 1

Hi Cyril,

Le mardi, 12 août 2014, 01.33:37 Cyril Brulebois a écrit :
> two parts in this mail: information for everyone, and action for
> debian-cd@ at the end.

I wonder (but it's certainly too late now) whether it would make sense 
to unblock (+byhand FTP-Master's dance) win32-loader for the next Beta 
release: only contains translation updates and dh+Vcs updates.

> As you can see a few lines above, we can wait for netcfg but that's a
> bug we already had in wheezy, so we can add an errata entry for it; so
> if you can start a build in the morning I don't see a reason for an
> extra 12-hour delay. If you're only available in the afternoon or in
> the evening, we might get netcfg fixed for free, which I'm also OK
> with. :)

Can we add win32-loader to the load?


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