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Bug#757750: libparted2-udeb: breaks auto-encrypted-lvm in d-i

Package: libparted2-udeb
Version: 3.2-1
Severity: serious
Justification: what subject says

[X-D-Cc: -boot@, please keep it in the loop.]


thanks for looking into #757417 and performing a number of uploads to
sid. I've performed a few tests using those, and I can confirm that at
 - Full disc w/o LVM        from a blank disc       = OK
 - Full disc with auto LVM  from the resulting disc = OK
 - Full disc with auto LVM  from a blank disc       = OK

But starting w/ or w/o a blank disc I'm getting:
 - Full disc with auto encrypted LVM                = FAIL

Indeed I'm getting an error message: no partition has been selected for
the root filesystem.

I have no strong background on the whole partman-* ecosystem, but it
looks to me like the partman-auto-crypto package might have needed an
update similar to the one you just performed for the other packages.

Since performing some testing is something I'm slightly more competent
with, I've checked that the following images work OK for full disc auto
encrypted LVM:
 - Jessie Alpha 1 netinst.
 - Same image as above (meaning udebs from sid, basically), but with
   parted udebs reverted to their 3.1-4 versions.

Since you mentioned in a reply that the partman log alone should be
sufficient I'm attaching the logs for:
 - sid only                 = FAIL (partman.sid-fail.txt.xz)
 - sid with reverted parted = OK   (partman.sid+revert-ok.txt.xz)

Looking at the first diff hunk, I might not be totally mistaken about
a possibly missing free vs. unknown patch:

-parted_server: OUT: 1    0-1780482047    1780482048      primary unknown /dev/mapper/sda5_crypt
+parted_server: OUT: -1   0-1780482047    1780482048      primary free    /dev/mapper/sda5_crypt

[ I should be able to perform some testing as soon as you have a
prospective patch or package, by the way. Hopefully that's going
to be the last round trip before we get everyone into testing
and cut a release. ]


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