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Bug#485586: debian-installer: Default to graphical install

Hi Holger,

and thanks for the proposed patch!

Holger Wansing <hwansing@mailbox.org> (2014-08-18):
> Index: en/boot-installer/x86.xml
> ===================================================================
> --- en/boot-installer/x86.xml	(Revision 69238)
> +++ en/boot-installer/x86.xml	(Arbeitskopie)
> @@ -401,7 +401,7 @@
>  For a normal installation, select either the <quote>Install</quote> or
>  the <quote>Graphical install</quote> entry  &mdash; using either the
>  arrow keys on your keyboard or by typing the first (highlighted) letter, the
> -<quote>Install</quote> entry is already selected by default &mdash; and press
> +<quote>Graphical install</quote> entry is already selected by default &mdash; and press
>  &enterkey; to boot the installer.

The x86 part is likely correct… at least I was considering defaulting
to graphical on (Linux) amd64 and i386 only.

From a quick look it seems we have a netboot-gtk target for:
  armel (kirkwood only)
  hurd-i386 (not released, who cares)
  powerpc (both powerpc and powerpc64)

Additionally we have a cdrom_gtk target for:

Now, hurd-i386 doesn't need caring about; kfreebsd-* architectures are
looking quite badly already, so I won't change anything on those right
now. I expect arm* people to tell us whether any change is needed for
those, but since I see no menu anyway… This lefts us with powerpc
which has no menu either.

=> This means amd64 + i386 only, unless I'm missing something?

> +</para><para arch="powerpc">
> +
> +For &arch-title;, currently only an experimental <quote>mini</quote> ISO
> +image is available<footnote id="gtk-miniiso">
> +
> +<para>
> +The mini ISO image can be downloaded from a &debian; mirror as described
> +in <xref linkend="downloading-files"/>.
> +Look for <filename>netboot/gtk/mini.iso</filename>.
> +</para>
> +
> +</footnote>. It should work on almost all PowerPC systems that have
> +an ATI graphical card, but is unlikely to work on other systems.

=> So no powerpc here I think.

I'd have to check an actual installation image under emulation, maybe;
but I'm a bit too lazy for this right now. Worst case we could ping
debian-powerpc@ to make sure.

> +<note><para>
> +
> +The graphical installer requires significantly more memory to run than
> +the regular installer: &minimum-memory-gtk;. If insufficient memory is
> +available, it will automatically fall back to the regular
> +<quote>newt</quote> frontend.
> +
> +</para><para>
> +
> +If the amount of memory in your system is below &minimum-memory;,
> +the graphical installer may fail to boot at all while booting the
> +regular installer would still work. Using the regular installer is
> +recommended for systems with little available memory.
> +
> +</para></note>

I'm not sure since I tend to use 1GB RAM every time, but I thought
there was some fallback mechanism in place?

This was just a cursory reading, but the rest looks fine. Hopefully
you'll get some more review. At least Steve was interested in seeing
this happen, and he's a native speaker as well. :-)


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