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Bug#485586: debian-installer: Default to graphical install

[ Adding -accessibility@ and -cd@ to the loop. ]

Steve McIntyre <steve@einval.com> (2014-08-17):
> On Sun, Aug 17, 2014 at 01:25:28PM +0200, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> >Control: tag -1 confirmed
> >> Another issue is that it requires much more memory, but that IMO is not a 
> >> blocker. It does require careful documentation though.
> >
> >Holger's last reports reminded of this, which we finally didn't do for
> >wheezy. Unless someone has an objection, I'll schedule this switch for
> >the next d-i upload.
> Yay, definitely. We never did get round to this for Wheezy, so let's
> get it done now.

On a related note: we have an amd64-i386 “multi-arch” netinst image.
I'd be happy to take opinions on the following questions since that's
the only image linked directly from www.debian.org, which leads some
people to call it “_the_ default installation image”…

Its boot menu reads right now (at least in Jessie Beta 1):
  64 bit install
  Graphical install
  64 bit graphical install
  Advanced options
  Install with speech synthesis
  64 bit speech install

FWIW, I'm tempted to modify it so that it becomes:
  Graphical install
  64 bit install
  64 bit graphical install
  Advanced options
  Install with speech synthesis
  64 bit speech install

This means swiching items #2 and #3, so that we have 32-bit and 64-bit
entries together (which is what happens in the "Advanced options"
sub-menu). Speech synthesis entries can be kept together separately
(see below).

=> debian-boot/cd@: anyone against such a change?

The default is "Install" right now, which installs i386. The topic of
this bug report is switching to "Graphical install" by default, but
shouldn't we also promote amd64 by default while we're at it? This
would mean having "64 bit graphical install" as the default.

=> debian-boot/cd@: do we want amd64 by default?

Since the menus can be confusing a bit, I'm also wondering whether
we should be explicit about the non-"64 bit" items, and prefix them
with "32 bit".

=> debian-boot/cd@: opinions?

If we were to switch to amd64 as the default architecture, we should
probably point the "s" shortcut (for "speech synthesis") from "Install
with speech synthesis" to "64 bit speech install".

=> debian-accessibility@: if we go from i386 to amd64 by default, is
   there anything that needs to be done on your side (doc update etc.)
   that we should coordinate with you? As far as I can see, right now
   we have "s" = i386, "s + down arrow" = amd64. This change would
   mean "s" = amd64, "s + up arrow" = i386. I'm not sure that changing
   the shortcuts are a good thing, to be honest, but being consistent
   as far as the default architecture is concerned would probably be
   a good idea anyway. :/


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