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Re: Priority of partman-iscsi

Cyril Brulebois <kibi@debian.org> (2014-08-30):
> I've added debian/po/POTFILES.in [1] which should help. My wild guess:
> templates.pot will be added once debconf-updatepo is run by the l10n
> cron job, and magic will follow accordingly.

Since the cron job was almost a whole day away, I ran the script
manually; it quickly stopped because of a stalled lock file (like during
previous run), which I guess is a consequence of the debconf-updatepo
failure I quoted in my earlier mail.

Once the lock file removed again and the script started again, I noticed
a git commit in partman-iscsi as well as a big commit in svn (under

Looks like a fixed issue? (Unless the lock file stuff was due to
something else, which we'll find out during the next run out of cron).


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