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Re: Artwork for jessie?

Le 12/08/2014 23:07, Vincent Blut a écrit :
Le mar. 12 août 2014 à 23:05, Paul Tagliamonte <paultag@debian.org> a écrit :
Sounds like Lines has consensus.

Fair enough; let's go with it, but we should revert the logo back to
the original aspect. Which I do realize breaks the entire concept.


Juliette, could we have a look of your theme with the original logo, please ?
I took the liberty to do it myself. Have a look on the wiki page, I've just added a .zip file for Lines themes with the original Debian logo:

Some minors changes though:
- The logo is now in the center of the wallpapers
- "login" backgrounds don't exist anymore (use wallpapers instead)
- The logo is now in the cneter of the grub wallpaper. In addition, it's been faded into the background
- I revamped syslinux background, but I think we should use less lines
- The installer banner doesn't show "Debian 8" text.



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