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Final steps for Jessie Beta 1

Hi people,

two parts in this mail: information for everyone, and action for
debian-cd@ at the end.

Bits of infomation:

Thanks to Colin's last parted upload, partitioning is in a much better
shape now. I've successfully tested the following things using an i386
netinstall image based on jessie + {parted , partman} udebs from sid:

(Discs are all 2GB in size.)

Single disc:
 - Blank disc  → Encrypted LVM   => OK
 - Prev. setup → Full disc       => OK
 - Prev. setup → Unencrypted LVM => OK
 - Prev. setup → Encrypted LVM   => OK

Two blank discs:
 - Full disc on sda       => OK

Two blank discs:
 - Unencrypted LVM on sdb => OK (Had to switch kvm's -hda and -hdb since it
                                 can only boot from the first disc AFAICS.)

Starting with two blank discs:
 - Partition created on both, RAID 1 on both device. => OK
 - Add a full size partition, as ext4, mounted on /. => OK
 - Installation + reboot                             => OK

From the previous setup:
 - Both discs added to RAID0 => OK
 - LVM group added to md0    => OK
 - LVM volume added          => OK
 - Encrypted partition       => OK
 - Installation itself       => KO (rightfully: need unencrypted /boot)

Starting again from two blank discs:
 - Two partitions on both: 500M + the rest       => OK
 - RAID1 for the little partition + /boot (ext4) => OK
 - RAID1 for the big partition, use as LVM       => OK
 - Create LVM group & volume                     => OK
 - Add encryption and use as /                   => OK
 - Installation + reboot                         => OK

I didn't do any desktop installation testing though, since I thought
it'd make more sense to test final, full images and not just locally
built ones. The systemd switch might or might not be uneventful. See
this thread for details:

So I've decided to go ahead and get parted + partman-* into testing,
using the following hints, which were all successful during tonight's
| # 2014-08-11; done 2014-08-11
| # jessie beta 1, the parted 3.2 dance:
| urgent parted/3.2-4
| unblock-udeb parted/3.2-4
| urgent partman-auto-lvm/54
| unblock-udeb partman-auto-lvm/54
| urgent partman-base/175
| unblock-udeb partman-base/175
| urgent partman-crypto/74
| unblock-udeb partman-crypto/74
| urgent partman-lvm/91
| unblock-udeb partman-lvm/91
| urgent partman-md/69
| unblock-udeb partman-md/69
| urgent partman-zfs/36
| unblock-udeb partman-zfs/36

I didn't notice that netcfg's last bug report was bumped to RC so it
didn't migrate yet (but should during noon's run):
| # 2014-08-11
| # jessie beta 1, nasty wireless bug:
| urgent netcfg/1.118
| unblock-udeb netcfg/1.118

It's not strictly needed but if it can be included, why not.

Bits of action:

Steve, feel free to start a build whenever it's convenient for you
(after the 1:52 dinstall + mirror pulse of course).

As you can see a few lines above, we can wait for netcfg but that's a
bug we already had in wheezy, so we can add an errata entry for it; so
if you can start a build in the morning I don't see a reason for an
extra 12-hour delay. If you're only available in the afternoon or in the
evening, we might get netcfg fixed for free, which I'm also OK with. :)

Bottom line: Whatever works for you!

And thanks for reading this far.


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