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Bug#758116: Please be verbose whether you would like to get your Blend promoted by tasksel

Hi Andreas,

2014-08-28 14:23 GMT+08:00 Andreas Tille <andreas@an3as.eu>:
Hi Franklin,

On Thu, Aug 28, 2014 at 08:57:37AM +0800, Franklin Weng wrote:
> > I think it should be also a criterion that the team behind the Blend
> > confirms that they are interested and so I'm hereby pinging all lists in
> > question to ask you for confirmation.  I have set Reply-To to the bug
> > report and the general Blends list in case you are interested in further
> > discussion with other Blends.
> >
> Debian ezgo blends is active.
> (Is that what you meant to reply so that the blends can be kept active?)

Ahh, sorry for leaving out EzGo in the list given in my initial bug report.

What I really meant is:

   1. Do you think Blends should be listed by tasksel at installation time.

   2. Do you want to be Debian EzGo added to this list.

Yes, and that's the original idea when Andrew created Debian ezgo blends.
Kind regards




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