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Re: wtmp problem

In article <[🔎]>,
Karl Ferguson <karl@tower.net.au> wrote:
>At 09:12 PM 26/04/97 +0200, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>>I don't think so. I've seen this behaviour before. The wtmp code
>>didn't change between 2.69 and 2.70 - the utmp code did (but very
>>slightly, and I still can't find anything wrong with it). Anyway for
>>2.71 the new code will be used for utmp in init.
>Hmmmm - if the code doesn't change then can you explain this:-  I just
>installed 2.70-1 and started getting corruption on my dialin serial ports.
>I go back to 2.69-1 and it's fine - no resetting of the log files, nothing.

OK, which log file gets corrupted - the wtmp or the utmp file? Or both?
I've heard reports about corrupted utmp files, and I'll try to fix that in 2.71

>I run mgetty for the dialin lines, I hooked up a vt100 terminal to a serial
>port on a different machine with 2.70-1 and used plain getty (well, really
>agetty in disguise) and found the exact same thing - if I downgrade, it
>works a treat.

Oh great, you can reproduce it. Can you tell me

1. which logfile gets corrupted
2. When (before login, during session, after logout)

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