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RE: xscreensaver and Motif...


I have looked in the doc's and find no way to display plain old jpg's as
the screensaver instead of the animations.

I would like to see an option to display the contents of an image
directory, randomly maybe?

I tried to run the demo mode to get this dialog box you spoke of but it
just started and exited without displaying anything.

I have the app-defaults file set to use xv to display some images and all
others shut off.

What kind of extra functionality would Motif bring to a screensaver?

Not all of us know what Motif does for a program.  I run Motif compiled
programs next to my others and don't see any difference in them.  Except
appearence but I assume that is just the programmers preference since I've
seen good and bad appearences from all kinds of builds.

So if I know what kinds of improvements Motif will bring I'll know if I
would like to see it or not.  Otherwise, only the programmers and the few
that know the differences in the lib's will be the only ones to answer
your question.

On 06-Apr-97 Larry 'Daffy' Daffner wrote:
>Hi all,
>As the maintainer of xscreensaver, I have a few questions for users
>and potential users.
>When xscreensaver is compiled with Motif, it has a few additional
>o It can be set to do locking, either through explicit direction by
>  xscreensaver-command, or automatically after a certain time period
>  (which can be different than the saver timeout).
>o It can run in 'demo mode', via xscreensaver-command, which displays
>  a dialog box containing all configured saver programs and allows the
>  user to select a mode and run it.
>I have not yet been able to get this functionality to work with
>Lesstif, but thanks to CheapBytes, I now have the real thing and can
>compile with Motif support, so that the above functionality works.
>So, the question: Would anyone like to see packages compiled with
>Motif for the extra functionality?  If so, would you like to see the
>Motif package replace or supplement the non-Motif version? Or does no
>one actually use xscreensaver, and I should just go stuff off and
>leave y'all alone? :)
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Have a good one.

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