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Re: xdm?

Chris writes:

> When ever I boot up linux xdm starts before i log in.  After login i try to
> run xwindows but it tells me
> that it is already running.  Can someone tell me which file loads the xdm
> and how do i disable it?

Try the following

dpkg --configure xbase

This might let you re-configure your X11 system and at the end
you should be queried if you want to start XDM at bootup.  If this
doesn't work then replace xbase with your installed xserver package.
And if even that fails then take a look at the files in /etc/X11.
In one of it there's an option which tells the system to fire up
an xdm.

[ I haven't proved the above methods, they just came to my mind.  So
don't blame me if it doesn't work. ]


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