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Re: xserver_s3v

Mathieu Guillaume wrote:
>Since then, S3 relaxed the specs to allow a rate of 94.5MHz in this mode,
>so I wondered if a package would soon come which would allow this. If not,

I read from comp.windows.x.i386unix a few days ago that new XFree86 beta
versions allow it. So either wait for the beta versions to become official
(and then Debian packages), or use the betas (it is probably enough to get
the beta server and just replace the X server binary) (see

(The XFree86 folks don't give out source for the beta versions, which may be
the reason why there aren't Debian packages available for them (as far as I
understand, such packages should go into contrib or non-free).)

-=- Rjs -=- rjs@spider.compart.fi, rjs@lloke.dna.fi

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