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xplaycd & cddb

I'm not familiar with Xplaycd but a couple of things struck me
as possible problems.

1. Did you "xrdb" your .Xresources file after the change?

2. Are you sure that xplaycd understands the "~" notation?
   Try putting the full path name in and see if that makes a
   difference.  I mean, something likle
	xplaycd*cddb:	/home/pedo/cddb
   (Just guessing at your home directory!)

3. Check the resource name is "xplaycd" (and not, for example,
   "Xplaycd" or "XPlaycd".  (It it's not in the man page, many window
    managers support an "info" command to give a brief description of
    things like resource names.  If not,  you may be able to use
    something like xlsclients to find it.)

Pedro Quaresma de Almeida writes:
 > Hi
 > ==
 > 	I am using Xplaycd and Xmixer (from multimedia package) to
 > listen to my CDs and all works fine.
 > 	But when I try to use the cd database (right mouse button)
 > the message. 
 > cddb resource is not set.
 > Using current directory.
 > appears.
 > I have already put the line
 > xplaycd*cddb:	~/cddb
 > on my .Xresources file
 > and I have put the line
 > *cddb:		~/cddb
 > on /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults/XPlaycd
 > but I have always the same message, and if I ignore the message and
 > save the file it appears in the correct directory (~/cddb) but the
 > next time it is not accessed.
 > Can you help me?

Probably not!

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