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Re: X-Windows

On 13 Apr 1997, Rob Browning wrote:

> tjobrien@Traveller.COM (Tim O'Brien) writes:
> > ...
> > ...

> Is this at all the kind of info you wanted?  Feel free to ask more
> questions, but we should probably continue in private email.
> -- 
> Rob

Well, I would be glad to "hear" those info too. So maybe you could continue
on the mailing list (or at least send a copy to me, but other guys on the
list may be interested). Thank you in advance. 

     Nicola Bernardelli <n.bern@mail.protos.it>
     You can use <nbern@mail.protos.it> for messages not coming from
any kind of robot, such as mailing lists. From that address some
autoresponse messages may return when I'm not at home.

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