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XFree86 Mouse problem on PS2 mouse.

     I recently sent a message regarding a problem that I am having 
with my mouse on XFree86.  The mouse is a PS2 style of Mouse Systems 
mouse.  According to the documentation that I have found the only 
setting in the XF86Config file that will work in the PS2 setting.  
When I run XF86Setup the only driver setting that seams to come close 
is the PS2 setting because the MouseSystems driver seams to only be 
set up for a serial mouse and this mouse is NOT a serial mouse.  I 
have tried quite a selection of things and am getting quite 
frustrated.  When using the PS2 driver the 3 buttons work fine and 
the mouse works fine going left to right or bottom to top.  The 
problem is when going the other direction, where the mouse shoots 
immediately to the edge of the screen.  This really is interesting to 
use.  The thing works perfectly fine in Win 95 so the mouse is fine I 
just can't get the thing to respond properly in X.  Please help.


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