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xemacs color syntax

I installed emacs and used that when I read about Xemacs that should 
be better so I installed that over emacs. I got a few complaints from 
the installation script that it forced overvrite of some of my old 
file I think it was. (is there any log of the output from dselect?).
(I taged emacs to deinstall or remove as i think dselect calls it)

Now I cant get syntax coloring to work in Xemacs. In C code only 
comments and a few random words get colored no mather what I do. 
I know its imposible to say whats wrong but could it be that xemacs 
lisp files and emcas lisp files have the same names and that I 
actually is runing emacs files ?? And so how could I do a clean 
install of xemacs. What files should I remove?

Mybe I should run emacs? what do I gain lose on runing xemacs.

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