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Re: xscreensaver and Motif...

"R" == Rick  <rickya@siservices.net> writes:

  R> I have looked in the doc's and
  R> find no way to display plain old jpg's as the screensaver instead
  R> of the animations.

  R> I would like to see an option to display the contents of an image
  R> directory, randomly maybe?

It should be fairly easy to do this. You will need to set 2 resources:
XScreenSaver*programs and XScreenSaver*colorPrograms. Try putting this
in your .Xresources and make sure allow-user-resourses is in

XScreenSaver*programs: \
	xv -root picture1.jpg \n\
	xv -root picture2.jpg \n\
	xv -root picture3.jpg \n

XScreenSaver*colorPrograms: \
	xv -root picture4.jpg \n

  R> I tried to run the demo mode to get this dialog box you spoke of
  R> but it just started and exited without displaying anything.

That's sort of the point I was trying to make :). The way xscreensaver
is compiled now, the demo mode and lock mode will not work. If I
compile it with Motif, the demo and lock modes will work, but the
binary packages will not be free. Motif is a widget set for X. And
yes, the look is part of Motif.

  R> I have the app-defaults file set to use xv to display some images
  R> and all others shut off.

What resource in particular did you set? BTW, you should set this in a
personal app-defaults or X resource file, since the app defaults file
will get overwritten on an upgrade.

It looks like I'll make 3 versions available: the current version, a
version statically linked with motif (and thus having the demo and
lock functionality) and a dynamically linked Motif version for people
who already have motif.


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