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Re: wireless connection; cheapest solution?

On 25 Apr 1997 14:48:58 -0500, Rob Browning wrote:

>Eugene Sevinian <sevinian@crdlx2.yerphi.am> writes:
>> Due to some reasons, mostly funincial, I need to establish wireless
>> connection between home and lab. I have read a little about HAM radio and
>> it sounds nice in that sense.  Is there anybody who can share his
>> experience about this topic? Expected speed should be of order ~9600 bps
>> and distance ~ 1km. I am looking for cheapest hardware solution. 
>I'm assume that this is too expensive, but I'll mention it anyway.
>You could get a wavelan ethernet bridge, which I believe is in the
>$5000 and will give you about 2Mbit/sec.

Build it. It cards are about $600 each. 

>Wireless modems are much cheaper, but I'm not sure they have the range
>you need.  Check out proxim (www.proxim.com I think).
>I'd be interested to hear what other solutions you hear about.

I've looked heavily into the Wave LAN, and it require special protocal 
considerations to deal with lost packets. Actull throughput is much less 
then 2Mbs. I heard 1Mbs and MUCH lower depending on the amount of users. 

Here are my links...have fun guys.

Make sure to check out the Latvia site....

<DT><H3 FOLDED ADD_DATE="852755010">Wireless</H3>
            <DT><A HREF="http://broadband.cm-mrc.com/"; ADD_DATE="854582165" LAST_VISIT="858934548" LAST_MODIFIED="854582143">Microwave Radio Communications -- Analog and Digital Microwave Transmitters, Receivers, and Antennas</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.radiolan.com/"; ADD_DATE="858934510" LAST_VISIT="859250146" LAST_MODIFIED="858934507">Welcome To RadioLAN</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.teleport.com/~nts/"; ADD_DATE="858660592" LAST_VISIT="858660583" LAST_MODIFIED="858660583">Aironet, Cylink</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.latnet.lv/LATNET/RADIOLink/"; ADD_DATE="858658282" LAST_VISIT="858934500" LAST_MODIFIED="858658273">Wireless Internet Access in Latvia: Abstract</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.karlnet.com/"; ADD_DATE="854555363" LAST_VISIT="858848923" LAST_MODIFIED="854555355">KarlNet's KarlBridge and KarlRouter</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://janus.utilicom.com/"; ADD_DATE="854582475" LAST_VISIT="858659604" LAST_MODIFIED="854582473">Utilicom, Inc. Spread Spectrum Communications</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.ebay.com/aw/"; ADD_DATE="850107551" LAST_VISIT="850107728" LAST_MODIFIED="850107529">AuctionWeb Classifieds</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.ezylink.com/lanlink.html"; ADD_DATE="852762706" LAST_VISIT="852762772" LAST_MODIFIED="852762688">OTC AirEZY 900 LAN Link</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.ezylink.com/"; ADD_DATE="852764950" LAST_VISIT="852765922" LAST_MODIFIED="852764899">OTC Telecom's AirEZY Wireless</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.waveaccess.com/"; ADD_DATE="852766318" LAST_VISIT="858855183" LAST_MODIFIED="852766310">WaveAccess Wireless Communications</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.efdata.com/products.htm"; ADD_DATE="852554945" LAST_VISIT="858658956" LAST_MODIFIED="852554889">EFData Products</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.freewave.com/"; ADD_DATE="852418173" LAST_VISIT="852693710" LAST_MODIFIED="852418128">FreeWave Technologies, Inc.</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.proxim.com/proxim/products/guide.htm#isa"; ADD_DATE="852698959" LAST_VISIT="852699129" LAST_MODIFIED="852696852">Proxim's Wireless LAN (WLANs) Product Ordering Guide</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.ecn.purdue.edu/~laird/Electronics/wireless-modems/"; ADD_DATE="852662080" LAST_VISIT="852772930" LAST_MODIFIED="852662071">Wireless Modems</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.vii.com/~solgroup/credit/"; ADD_DATE="850593602" LAST_VISIT="853719184" LAST_MODIFIED="850593588">CREDIT REPORTS-DRIVER RECORDS-CRIMINAL HISTORIES</A>
            <DT><A HREF="http://www.ydi.com/"; ADD_DATE="852420788" LAST_VISIT="852696800" LAST_MODIFIED="852420784">Young Design, Inc. - Wireless radio modems, digital radios, spread spectrum radio modems, wireless voice/FAX/data equipment, wireless radio modems.</A>

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