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Re: wtmp problem

At 10:30 AM 25/04/97 +0300, Daniel MOSMONDOR - Mosh wrote:
>I am kind of new to this mailing list, so please excuse me if this subject
>is running around for some time.
>I have a strange wtmp problem, and something suggests that is has something
>to do with different versions of important system files.  I don't consider
>myself as a linux guru (yet) so please help me with information you posses.
>Here is the copy of last log:
>onyx:~> last -10
>***~**2              !****g`3         Fri Apr 25 10:13   still logged in
>ppp      ttyD1                         Fri Apr 25 10:12   still logged in
>***~**2              !***cf`3         Fri Apr 25 10:07 - 10:13  (00:06)
>ppp      ttyD3                         Fri Apr 25 09:47   still logged in
>***~**2              !****^`3         Fri Apr 25 09:36 - 10:07  (00:31)
>mosh     ftp          mosh.bbm.hr      Fri Apr 25 09:20 - 09:20  (00:00)
>ppp      ttyD2                         Fri Apr 25 09:00   still logged in
>mosh     ttyp0        mosh.bbm.hr      Fri Apr 25 08:51   still logged in
>ppp      ttyD4                         Fri Apr 25 08:44   still logged in
>ppp      ttyD0                         Fri Apr 25 08:40   still logged in
>wtmp begins Tue Apr 22 15:41:03 1997

This is a problem with the sysvinit package version 2.70 and it's new
glibc6 compatability.  If you downgrade to 2.69-1 in the rex distribution
it should solve this problem.

In the meantime I'll examine some bug reports on this package and see if
it's been reported, if not I'll do so.


Karl Ferguson
Tower Networking Pty Ltd   Tel: +61-8-9456-0000     karl@tower.net.au
t/a STAR Online Services   Fax: +61-8-9455-2776     karl@debian.org

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