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xscreensaver and Motif...

Hi all,

As the maintainer of xscreensaver, I have a few questions for users
and potential users.

When xscreensaver is compiled with Motif, it has a few additional

o It can be set to do locking, either through explicit direction by
  xscreensaver-command, or automatically after a certain time period
  (which can be different than the saver timeout).

o It can run in 'demo mode', via xscreensaver-command, which displays
  a dialog box containing all configured saver programs and allows the
  user to select a mode and run it.

I have not yet been able to get this functionality to work with
Lesstif, but thanks to CheapBytes, I now have the real thing and can
compile with Motif support, so that the above functionality works.

So, the question: Would anyone like to see packages compiled with
Motif for the extra functionality?  If so, would you like to see the
Motif package replace or supplement the non-Motif version? Or does no
one actually use xscreensaver, and I should just go stuff off and
leave y'all alone? :)


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