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Re: X related questions

I have a slightly different question.  I have x/xdm running fine on vt7 on
bootup.  However, I'd like to be able to start a second X session on vt8,
so that, if I am logged into X on vt7 and have locked the screen with
xlock, other people can hit cntrl-alt-f8 and get a new xdm screen that
they can work with.  Is this possible?


On Wed, 16 Apr 1997, joost witteveen wrote:

> >   - I have Debian 1.2 installed with kernel 2.0.27, when I boot the system,
> >   the last thing the system do, before asking me for the user and password,
> >   is start the xdm program. Then the system change to the seventh tty and
> >   change the apperance from text to graphical. I move to the first console
> >   using CTRL+ ALT+F1 and entering to a new user I try to start the XF86
> >   using startx the system answers me:
> > 
> Why don't you just type in the username and passwd in the xdm login
> screen? (that's where you're supposed to do it). Apparently you don't
> get that screen (on the seventh tty, in your story). What does (eventually)
> show up on that seventh tty?

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