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Re: wtmp problem

In article <[🔎]>,
Karl Ferguson <karl@tower.net.au> wrote:
>At 10:30 AM 25/04/97 +0300, Daniel MOSMONDOR - Mosh wrote:
>>I am kind of new to this mailing list, so please excuse me if this subject
>>is running around for some time.
>>I have a strange wtmp problem, and something suggests that is has something
>>to do with different versions of important system files.  I don't consider
>>myself as a linux guru (yet) so please help me with information you posses.
>>Here is the copy of last log:
>>onyx:~> last -10
>>***~**2              !****g`3         Fri Apr 25 10:13   still logged in
>>ppp      ttyD1                         Fri Apr 25 10:12   still logged in
>>***~**2              !***cf`3         Fri Apr 25 10:07 - 10:13  (00:06)
>>ppp      ttyD3                         Fri Apr 25 09:47   still logged in
>>***~**2              !****^`3         Fri Apr 25 09:36 - 10:07  (00:31)
>>mosh     ftp          mosh.bbm.hr      Fri Apr 25 09:20 - 09:20  (00:00)
>>ppp      ttyD2                         Fri Apr 25 09:00   still logged in
>>mosh     ttyp0        mosh.bbm.hr      Fri Apr 25 08:51   still logged in
>>ppp      ttyD4                         Fri Apr 25 08:44   still logged in
>>ppp      ttyD0                         Fri Apr 25 08:40   still logged in
>>wtmp begins Tue Apr 22 15:41:03 1997
>This is a problem with the sysvinit package version 2.70 and it's new
>glibc6 compatability.  If you downgrade to 2.69-1 in the rex distribution
>it should solve this problem.

I don't think so. I've seen this behaviour before. The wtmp code
didn't change between 2.69 and 2.70 - the utmp code did (but very
slightly, and I still can't find anything wrong with it). Anyway for
2.71 the new code will be used for utmp in init.

But that won't solve this problem. I think it's just the fact that
his /var/log/wtmp file is corrupt ie. not a multiple of sizeof(struct utmp).
There are some rogue programs out there that do not write the 56 bytes
of the current struct utmp atomically, I think.

Just truncate the wtmp file with cp /dev/null /var/log/wtmp and it
will start working again.

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