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Re: wireless connection; cheapest solution?

Eugene Sevinian <sevinian@crdlx2.yerphi.am> writes:

> Due to some reasons, mostly funincial, I need to establish wireless
> connection between home and lab. I have read a little about HAM radio and
> it sounds nice in that sense.  Is there anybody who can share his
> experience about this topic? Expected speed should be of order ~9600 bps
> and distance ~ 1km. I am looking for cheapest hardware solution. 

I'm assume that this is too expensive, but I'll mention it anyway.
You could get a wavelan ethernet bridge, which I believe is in the
$5000 and will give you about 2Mbit/sec.

Wireless modems are much cheaper, but I'm not sure they have the range
you need.  Check out proxim (www.proxim.com I think).

I'd be interested to hear what other solutions you hear about.


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