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Re: wtmp problem

 > I take it your logging into this box via a serial port?  
 > I believe that's the cause of it - Consoles and telnet 
 > logins appear fine for me.
 > --
 > Karl Ferguson

Here's how it hits my machine (kernel: 2.0.30)

I login to vt1 (alt F1), do a 'finger': I'm logged on.
I login to vt2 (alt F2), do a 'finger': I'm logged twice.
I logout   vt1, do a 'finger': nobody logged on.  I do this on vt2.

Downgrade (pkg: sysvinit) fixes all syptoms, upon cold boot.  I 
never restore corrupt files, because I can't see any corruption 
once I downgrade.

Note there's no direct involvment with mgetty, though it is running
in the background; I don't get many inbound calls.  I only have
two gettys acquiring terminals (on vt1 and vt2); to gain a 3rd,
4th terminal I use /bin/open.

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