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Re: wtmp problem

At 10:26 PM 26/04/97 +0200, Miquel van Smoorenburg wrote:
>Oh great, you can reproduce it. Can you tell me
>1. which logfile gets corrupted

Both the wtmp and utmp.

>2. When (before login, during session, after logout)

Upon login it seems fine, but upon logout it seems to write two enteries
into the wtmp file which corrupts that one.  On the utmp side, it seems
that after someone has logged in it writes a normal record - if another
user logs in it corrupts the last entry and it's replaced with the new
users entry until either someone else logs out or a new user logs in.

It seems like it's a real mess.  I'm not *entirely* sure about the sequence
of the utmp corruption - but the wtmp I'm sure of.  However, they're both
corrupted - suddenly a user appears in a 'who' and then they disappear into
thin air (after another user logs in).


Karl Ferguson
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