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Re: xemacs color syntax

"k" == ken  <ken@uno.canit.se> writes:

  k> Now I cant get syntax coloring to work in Xemacs. In C code only
  k> comments and a few random words get colored no mather what I do.
  k> I know its imposible to say whats wrong but could it be that
  k> xemacs lisp files and emcas lisp files have the same names and
  k> that I actually is runing emacs files ?? And so how could I do a
  k> clean install of xemacs. What files should I remove?

Try adding the following to your .emacs:

(setq font-lock-use-default-fonts t)
(setq font-lock-use-default-colors t)
(setq font-lock-maximum-decoration t)

That tells it to use all the decorations it can, with the default
colors and fonts. This should do declarations, preprocessor commands,
comments, strings, and C keywords. You can also define your own
patterns to hilight, but you'll have to read font-lock.el for more on
that :).

  k> Mybe I should run emacs? what do I gain lose on runing xemacs.

Advantages of XEmacs over GNU Emacs:
* Nicer looking - better mode line, toolbar, glyphs, xpm/jpeg/gif
  support, etc.
* more consistent internals - not a noticable thing, but the code is
* more elisp packages included by default
* (IMHO) better X interface, especially WRT info &c.
* Hyper apropos - check it out :)

Advantages of GNU Emacs over XEmacs:
* Smaller disk requirement
* Smaller memory footprint
* more frequent releases - may be an advantage to some

The way I see it, XEmacs is a better product, but if disk and memory
usage is a concern, go with the GNU version.


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