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Re: Xdm Problem

Am in the process of getting a new box up & running.  Am wondering if 
there is a "simple" (relatively so) x manager that I can use.  I plan to 
be at the clinic 3rd sat this month with the new unit and -hopefully- 
some stuff to load onto it.  Thanks in advance, Dennis

On Mon, 31 Mar 1997, Jim Smith wrote:

> In several postings to these lists, I have asked many questions and
> gotten many very good responses.  The last major problem with this
> system concerns xdm. I have not been able to get xdm to properly start
> at boot time. Here is where I have gotten to.
> 	The last 3 lines in my /etc/X11/config file are thus:
> 		start-xfs
> 		start-xdm
> 		xdm-start-server
> 	my /usr/X11/xdm/Xservers ends with this line:
> 		:0 local /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 -verbose -bpp 24
> 					(my card supports 24bit)
> I believe these to be correct.
> At boot time, the screen shows the usual scrolling messages, then shows:
> Starting xfs
> Starting /usr/X11/bin/xdm.....
> Password:
> As soon as the "Password:" prompt appears, the display starts "blinking"
> rapidly as if going into an endless loop. I'm unable to login, change
> VC's or anything but the "3 fingers". Booting then from the Debian
> Rescue disk allows me to go in and rename Xservers to something else and
> restore my backup file to "Xservers". The next bootup is normal and goes
> all the way to the "Password:" prompt where I enter the root password
> and proceed as normal. Question: does the login sequence begin with
> "root" pre-loaded in and can that be changed? It looks like once the
> login sequence is started it won't allow xdm to proceed. Since xdm
> provides its own login widget, thats where I would prefer to do my
> login. I wish to not log in as root unless absolutely necessary. I've
> found that su root in an xterm gives me all the flexibility I need to do
> system maintenance and I'm still really logged in as a user. Please, any
> and all help would be appreciated...
> Jim
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