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Re: xconsole

On  1 Apr, edwalter@students.wisc.edu wrote:

Re: I guess I don't quite understand the purpose of the xconsole program.
Re: I have put run-xconsole in /etc/X11/config and xdm starts xconsole in
Re: the lower right corner.  It gets carried over when someone logs in,
Re: but nothing ever appears in it.  What is supposed to end up there?  On
Re: other workstations I have worked on, there is lots of stuff that shows
Re: up in xconsole, namely errors, kernel messages that would normally go
Re: to the regular console, etc.  This doesn't seem to be happening for
Re: me.  Am I doing something wrong?


Check out /etc/syslog.conf - it decides what messages that go where.

I'm not on my Linux system now so I haven't got the exact incantation,
but it's not that complex to figure out. 
You want to send stuff to /dev/xconsole, so just add a line with the
type of messages to print in the xconsole and /dev/xconsole at the end.

One line from /etc/syslog.conf of the system I'm on right now (Solaris
2.5.1), just to get the idea:

*.err;kern.notice;auth.notice;user.none         /dev/console
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