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Re: xautolock

Jim Smith <jim@oz.net> writes:

> I just installed xautolock and wish it to come up when X is started.
> Seems like the command should be in .xinitrc, but this dummy is having
> trouble even finding that file. any ideas?

Well, if you're talking about it launching whenever you log in, yes,
that should be done from your .xinitrc and/or .xsession files.  (I
just symlink my .xsession file to my .xinitrc file for convenience.)

These files should be created in your home directory using your
favorite editor, and you should make sure to do a 

  chmod u+x .xsession .xinitrc

so they'll be executable.

The contents of the file(s) should look something like this:

#! /bin/bash

xautolock -time 5 -locker "xlock -nolock -duration 60" &
exec fvwm2


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