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RE: Xwindows manager


You have to have a window-manager installed for it to be used.  I believe
twm is included in the distribution since I never wanted it but have it. 
I use afterstep wich is based on fvwm.  It's pretty good.

The file to edit are in the /etc/X11 directory.  The window-managers file
should have the window managers currently installed (via debian) listed in
it.  The first on on the list will be used.  Just put the one you want to
use at the top.

The window managers come with the example system.*rc file that the authors
send.  Debian doesn't make one.  If you d/l the menu pkg it will
automatically add installed programs to your pop-up menus in X.

On 06-Apr-97 ken@uno.canit.se wrote:
>I have installed Xfree and when I start the only thing I get is one 
>xterm and a very small menu where I can chose to quit or to run a 
>color show program. Now is this normal ? Dont deabian create a 
>default look like redhat dose?  (fvwm2)
>What windows manger should I use? I am not loking for a special look 
>more the one that most people is developing stuff for.  If I use 
>fvwm95 can I make my own title button to max the screen only 
>horisontal as the default debian fvwm2 dose ? 
Have a good one.

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