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Re: xserver_s3v

Mathieu Guillaume wrote:
> I'm using the lastest xserver_s3v from hamm with a Diamond Stealth 3D 2000
> (S3 virge chipset). I can't get it to work in 16 bpp mode with a screen
> size of 1024x768.
> Supposedly, that's because the former s3v specs only allowed a maximum
> rate of 80MHz in 16 bpp mode.
> Since then, S3 relaxed the specs to allow a rate of 94.5MHz in this mode,
> so I wondered if a package would soon come which would allow this. If not,
> is there anything I can do to make it work without having to recompile the
> whole server ?

I ran into this same problem with a STB Powergraph 3D. What I did was
my own modeline which uses the 80MHz dotclock. My refresh is only 59.6
Hz as
a result, but that ain't so bad--a hell of a lot better than just using
I looked at using the 3.2 beta, but I figured I'd rather just wait until
they're done so the debian upgrades will go smoothely. (I initially used
XFree source for 3.2 because debian didn't have it and that was the only
to have native support for the S3V. It wasn't pretty.)

I'll have to email you the modelines I came up with from home--I'm at
work now.

Jens B. Jorgensen

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