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[no subject] 2 problems in Debian Linux Re: Another Emacs bug Re: Another Emacs Bug Another Emacs bug Can Install Can't install comments on 0.91 beta (sorry for previous) contributions Ctrl-alt-del shock Debian 0.91 - rcp not suid. Debian's in.nntpd & cnews DIRECTORY PERMISSIONS edquota missing ? error/status Re: fdisk and cylinders > 1024 Re: Filesystem standards Re: Filesystem standards (was Re: Pcomm and term) fix 0.81 Debian's fingerd/finger, anyone? HELP.. What local bus scsi ifconfig and netstat report compressed SLIP packets as overruns Important. Please Read. Re: Is PCI Local Bus compatable with Linux? + adaptor card questions. Keyboard moifiers Missing gdbm texinfo file... Mode of emacs executable Moderation OFF Re: Moving from slackw. to debian, also iso-latin problems Package maintenance... Packaging for Debian Pcomm and term Re: _PPP_ Private groups & umask 002 proposal Problem with install Debian 0.91 Re: reading Commodore 64 floppies Re: Recovery tool placement Setgid Directories Success using PLIP? Tcl/Tk Tiny bug report... TWO Re: user/group -- my compromise proposal user private groups and a src group User private groups - reply to Remy Card (user) Re: Who is working on term? XF86 2.1 is out as you may know X windows Problem. HELP! The last update was on 10:51 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 127 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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