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>  > I was talking about someone who installs debian who does something
>  > like "ls -ld /*", and sees lots of "drwxr-sr-x" permissions.
> After emailing with Ian, it appears that mounting partitions with bsd semantics
> removes the requirement of setuid bits on directories.

I am personally not too keen on mounting things with bsd semantics.
It is different than v7, sysv and most of the Linux distributions.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you mount a fs with bsd semantics,
there isn't anyway to get V7 semantics back.  If you do a normal
mount, you can choose by using the sgid on the directories.

While I kind of like the idea for where I work at (we have lots of
people mucking in the same source tree), I am not convinced that it is
going to be a major issue for >95% of the Debian users.  I think we
need to be careful here, and don't reach too quickly, either
positively or negatively...


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