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Re: user private groups and a src group

birkholz@midnight.com (Matt Birkholz) writes in part:
> Linux still implements the SYSV method for assigning group
> membership to new files.  (It assigns the default group of the process
> creating the file.)

Linux will (at least for ext2, I presume it is fs independent) use BSD
semantics for the group of new files if you set the gid of the
directory.  This gid bit is also inherited by new sub-directories.
This makes the scheme quite workable.

I pointed this out (obliquely) in my message which started this thread.

But I don't particularly care if debian takes this route although I
think it brings big benefits if you're cooperating in groups.
And very little cost (a bigger group file).

Of course, as Daniel points out, you still need root to create the
group which contains the members of a particular new project.

	-Matt Hannigan

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