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Re: Moving from slackw. to debian, also iso-latin problems

Robert Bjarnason <robbi@ismennt.is> writes:

> #Problems with Icelandic

> 	I cant get all icelandic chars. on the console.
> 	Some programs don't work with 8bit chars (emacs,elm,talk..)
> 	Programs that support iso-latin like (Lynx,Gopher) don't.
> 	I have a keymap (ice-latin.map) that seems to work.

Emacs has full support for ISO-8859 Latin1 characters.

There is a rather large section in the Emacs Info pages on using
European character sets.  Get into info-mode ("C-h i"), select Emacs
("m Emacs"), then search for "8859" or whatever else tickles your
fancy ("s 8859").

This list is only intended for _Debian-specific_ questions... I mean,
when I found a bug in Debian's GNU groff "tmac.gs" file, I didn't
report it to this list.  I mailed it to the groff bugs list.  Please
use more discretion in mailing bugs to this list.

If you have a legitimate Emacs bug, please mail it to me.


Daniel Quinlan  <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu>

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