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Re: Pcomm and term

> Ok, after seeing the plea for help go out, I thought I might be able to
> do something to help. Adding RTS/CTS flow control to kermit and Pcomm is
> something that I'd like to see done, and having a term package for Debian
> would also be desirable, IMHO. Should I try and collect some of the
> "termified" programs like termtelnet and termftp to go in the latter
> package?
	I believe it would be very nice to have all the "common" termified
binaries in one package with the standard term distribution.  These would
include at least termtelnet and termftp as you mention above.  I would
definately not have things liked term-Mosaic in the same package.  Perhaps
that would be more useful as a contrib type package.

> Should I just grab the source for these packages myself, or can I get a
> "working" set from somewhere already? What's the current story with
> actually creating a .deb file? Do I do it manually, or try and upload
> a tarfile with the binaries to somewhere? What about source distributions
> are these supposed to go in separate files (for example term-src.deb), or
> just be included with the binaries?
	Mike D. (the package coordinator) mentioned that, for now, it would
be fine just to upload source that will build and install everything with a
'make install'.  I assume it would be wise to include a .desc file in the
format of the current packages as well.  At any rate, the site is
sunsite.unc.edu: /pub/Linux/distributions/debian/Incoming

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