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user private groups and a src group

   Date: Sun, 6 Mar 94 13:40 PST
   From: David Engel <david@istwok.ods.com>

   Daniel Quinlan:
   > > Does anyone have this private group scheme working?  If we can agree
   > > to use it, a few things in the Debian distribution can be changed to
   > > provide this functionality by default.

   I've never used it before, but I'm seriously considering doing so on a
   new file server I'm setting up for my group and another at work.

After a reboot, the groups command shows the correct list of groups.  I can
now write group-writable files owned by other members of a project group.
However, Linux still implements the SYSV method for assigning group
membership to new files.  (It assigns the default group of the process
creating the file.)

I see there is a newgrp command that changes the gid associated with the
process.  Unfortunately, I am no more likely to remember to newgrp than
umask.  Are you planning to just remember, or how are you going to make
this work?

Matthew Birkholz

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