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Packaging for Debian

   Date: Fri, 25 Mar 94 04:30 PST
   From: Remy.Card@masi.ibp.fr (Remy CARD)

   > Is anyone handling UUCP, INN, or IDA sendmail for Debian? If not, I
   > may be able to provide working copies of these conforming to the
   > Debian standard, if I have time.

   > The IDA/MailX package on Sunsite is useless, since "dbm" was
   > compiled on a Sparcstation II, therefore (obviously) doesn't run
   > under Linux.

   I have compiled sendmail 8.6.8 (the latest and greatest) under
   Linux.  My version can use dbm maps but can also use the new db
   library from Berkeley.

   The IDA features have all been included in sendmail 8 so it may be
   worth considering including sendmail 8 in Debian.  I can package it
   for Debian if people agree (and if someone sends me a copy of the
   guidelines for making a package -- sorry, I have lost my copy).

The `final' guidelines are being worked out, and I should have a copy
of them out by the weekend.  Please don't use the old ones to actually
package anything, but do feel free to look at them to get the general
idea.  A few people submitted source packages based on the guidelines
and I noticed that I forgot to include a few (minor) points.

BTW, we're going to have a new development FTP site here in a few
days; on this site everything needed by the Debian project in its work
may be found, including volunteer lists, packaging guidelines and
working source packages.  Due to lack of disk space on sunsite (at
present, at least) this is also where the source distribution is going
to be located.  I'll announce the name of the site once we upgrade the
brain-dead version of ftpd that came with the system and make a few
other changes.

Ian Murdock <imurdock@gnu.ai.mit.edu>

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