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backbone!wayne@tower.tssi.com (Wayne Schlitt) writes in part
> I am personally not too keen on mounting things with bsd semantics.
> It is different than v7, sysv and most of the Linux distributions.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you mount a fs with bsd semantics,
> there isn't anyway to get V7 semantics back.  If you do a normal
> mount, you can choose by using the sgid on the directories.

I strongly agree.  If you use the bsd _mount_ options then:

	1. You can't get back the V7 semantics back for
		individual directories.
	2. You're changing things for users without making
		the change manifest.  (i.e. it seems as if
		you're trying to sneak a change past the users)
	3. It can be too easily turned off by an administrator
		(Users start to rely on the bsds semantics then
		one day some admin looks at fstab and thinks,
		hey what does this do?  I think I'll take it
		out (or not remember to put it in when modifying it))
Let's just use the setgid directory method.
	-Matt Hannigan
PS. lets also move this to debian-devel if you respond 

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