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Re: Pcomm and term

> Ok, after seeing the plea for help go out, I thought I might be able to
> do something to help. Adding RTS/CTS flow control to kermit and Pcomm is
> something that I'd like to see done, and having a term package for Debian
> would also be desirable, IMHO. Should I try and collect some of the
> "termified" programs like termtelnet and termftp to go in the latter
> package?

I already compiled term v1.12 for Debian, and have uploaded the
term112.tar.gz source with precompiled binaries to debian Incoming.
The default install directory for these is /usr/*, not /usr/local/*,
since I was assuming that they would be part of the base package (like
kermit and pcomm).

I have not touched termifed programs, but if you do build them you
might want to make sure they are for 1.12.  If you want to take over
term maintenance, that is fine with me. :)  

The problem I have had is being unable to figure out how to make deb

Nobody answered my question about whether or not I should try and get
khoros onto debian.  If people do want it, I have to try and get
permission to distribute source and binaries from the Khoros


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