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Moderation OFF

Moderation of debian-devel and debian-user is now being turned OFF.
Please, everyone, try to moderate yourselves - when I have to turn
moderation ON, it takes time away from my other projects.

Tidbits from Bruce's guide to non-provocational language (Soapbox on):

"That's not true" and "This is false" are sometimes better said as: "That
turns out not to be the case".

"That's a dishonest debating tactic" might be better said as "Are you sure
that's a valid debating tactic?".

You get the picture. Try to get your message across without implying that
the other party is an unsavory character, even if you really think they are.

For those who may think little of the mental faculties of their opposition
in a debate: When you are in a fight with an idiot it's hard for anyone
else to tell which person the idiot is.

Soapbox off.



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