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Re: user private groups and a src group

> birkholz@midnight.com (Matt Birkholz) writes in part:
> > Linux still implements the SYSV method for assigning group
> > membership to new files.  (It assigns the default group of the process
> > creating the file.)
> Linux will (at least for ext2, I presume it is fs independent) use BSD
> semantics for the group of new files if you set the gid of the
> directory.  This gid bit is also inherited by new sub-directories.
> This makes the scheme quite workable.

	Hmm, this is SVR4 semantics.  Every file system in Linux honors the
setgid bit on directories.  When a directory has the setgid bit set, new
files and subdirectories inherit the directory's group.

	Note that ext2fs also has support for true BSD semantics.  If you
mount a file system with the `bsdgroups' option (or the `grpid' option which
is a synonym added for SunOS compatibility), new files and subdirectories
inherit the group id of the parent directory regardless of the setgid
bit.  The default behavior is SVR4 semantics (`sysvgroups' or `nogrpid'
option) but you can change it at mount time.

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> 	-Matt Hannigan


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