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Re: user private groups and a src group

Matt Hannigan writes:
> However Ian Jackson
> and I are both convinced that this scheme will bring no real changes
> to the vast majority of debian users anyway, and a significant
> advantage to those few that want to take advantage of group
> permissions.
The difference between 'vast majority' and 'all' is 'some'.  Is that 'some'
of less importance than 'those few' who would benefit from such a scheme?
You and Ian have proposed a perhaps simple and elegant solution to a problem
affecting 'those few'.  Wouldn't it be better to provide a solution only
applicable to 'those few', which could be selected or retrofitted at install
time?  I am one of the 'some'.  I desire to keep my uid and gid separate and 
different on my linux box at work, to match those on the non-debian system I
am hosted on.  This avoids having to change ownership/permissions when 
transfering/downloading files between systems. 

Incidentally, technical feasability and need do not constitute the
sole arguments for implementing any such change.  You and Ian should be
prepared to handle the 'philosophical' or 'religious' objections to such
a change from the norm without insulting the intelligence of those who

Carl Powers

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