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Re: reading Commodore 64 floppies

grante@aquarius.rosemount.com (Grant Edwards) writes:

> John Green (john@mikejag.wimsey.bc.ca) wrote:
> : An author buddy of mine just dumped all his old Commode er,
> : Commodore-64 floppies here.  He wants me to help him convert them to 
> : something that can be read by his new second-hand DOS machine.
> : Is there any way for me to read these silly things?  Isn't there some 
> : way to read raw, unformatted data off of a floppy?
> Sure:
>   $ dd if=/dev/fd0 of=filename bs=blocksize
> This will only work if the number of heads/tracks/sectors is one of the
> combinations recognized by the fd device driver.

That will not help. I'm not a Commodore expert, but I'm pretty certain
that C-64 disks were recorded with GCR modulation, not MFM (or FM). You
will not be able to read anything with the PC floppy disk controller.

Note that the incompatibility is not on the driver or the os, is at the
hardware level.


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