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Pcomm and term

Ok, after seeing the plea for help go out, I thought I might be able to
do something to help. Adding RTS/CTS flow control to kermit and Pcomm is
something that I'd like to see done, and having a term package for Debian
would also be desirable, IMHO. Should I try and collect some of the
"termified" programs like termtelnet and termftp to go in the latter

Should I just grab the source for these packages myself, or can I get a
"working" set from somewhere already? What's the current story with
actually creating a .deb file? Do I do it manually, or try and upload
a tarfile with the binaries to somewhere? What about source distributions
are these supposed to go in separate files (for example term-src.deb), or
just be included with the binaries?

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