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This is a response to the entire lot of questions concerning who's doing
what packages lately.

Once again, I am keeping track of the package maintainers.  If you want
to contribute a package, before you even think about going through all
the trouble of finding out how to package it to dpkg format, and go
through all the trouble of bugging Ian and whoever else about when the
specs for the dpkg format will be out, _ask me first_.  I know who is
doing the packages.  At least I know who is doing them, by virtue of the
packager keeping me in the know.

I will post the entire WHOS_DOING_WHAT file at the end of this message
for everyone's review.  Look over it if you are doing a package and have
not contacted me.  Look over it if you're thinking of doing a package.
Look over it if you know of someone who is thinking of doing a package.
And so on.

It will also be available at the new Debian ftp site, when that becomes
publicly available (it is not available yet, in case that wasn't
obvious).  It has been available at sunsite, in the Debian directory
(forgive me for barfing on the exact location) - but that has not been
updated in about 2 weeks.

And thanks in advance for keeping in touch with me.

Mike D.
mdickey@thorplus.lib.purdue.edu        Use Debian Linux

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		       Last updated: 94 Mar 25
			  By: Mike L. Dickey

** HAVE's **

Name		  Email Address				Package(s)
----------------  ------------------------------------	---------------
[These packages will be included in the distribution proper.]

Mathew Porter	  porterm@camelot.eng.ohio-state.edu	ncurses
Jonathan Rozes	  jrozes@cs.tufts.edu			kerberos,
Mike Sangrey	  mike@sojurn.lns.pa.us			TeX
Dan Quinlan	  quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu	Emacs, sman,
							rescue disk
Ian Kluft	  ikluft@thunder.sbay.org		smail
Ian Jackson	  iwj10@cus.cam.ac.uk			INN, trn
Matt Welsh	  mdw@sunsite.unc.edu			docs
James Robinson	  jimr@simons-rock.edu			ispell
Anthony Hall	  aehall@seattleu.edu			fixperms
Ted Hajek	  tedhajek@boombox.micro.umn.edu	ghostscript
Helmut Geyer	  geyer@kalliope.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de	X11
Peter Tobias	  tobias@server.et-inf.fho-emden.de	base networking
Bill Mitchell	  mitchell@mdd.comm.mot.com		lilo, elvis,
							less, npasswd,
							mtools, patch,
							shar, uuencode
Sal (?)		  svalente@athena.mit.edu		mailx
Stephen White	  stephen.white@adam.com.au		UUCP
Matthew Bailey	  mbailey@cps201.cps.cmich.edu		PPP

----------------  ------------------------------------	---------------
[These packages will be included as options, or add-ons.]

Charlie Brady	  charlieb@tplrd.tpl.oz.au		pine, pico
James Robinson	  jimr@simons-rock.edu			OpenWindows
Brandon Allbery	  bsa@kf8nh.wariat.org			MH
Jonathan Rozes	  jrozes@cs.tufts.edu			sendmail
Mark Denovich	  mark@clewis.ws.cc.cmu.edu		AndrewToolKit
David Inman	  INMANDMK@vms1.bham.ac.uk		tcl/tk
Clark McGrew	  mcgrew@skid.ps.uci.edu		FlexFax
Erik Talvola	  talvola@fennel.berkeley.edu		X11 games
Michael Deisher	  deisher@enws125.eas.asu.edu		dosemu
Ted Hajek	  tedhajek@boombox.micro.umn.edu	gopher, ncftp
James Robinson	  jimr@simons-rock.edu			graphics/math 
							stuff, term
Mathew Porter	  porterm@camelot.eng.ohio-state.edu	ftape


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