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Re: user private groups and a src group

carlos@snfep1.if.usp.br (Carlos Carvalho) writes:

> First, assuming the proposed scheme, I strongly prefer mounting with
> bsd semantics, instead of setting the sgid bit.

As Ian Jackson noted, this kind of comment has no place here.  This
isn't a vote and your preference doesn't come with any rationale.

> Secondly, I don't think /usr/src or anything in /usr should have it,
> because /usr cannot normally be written to.

This has nothing to do with /usr being read-only.

First of all, making /usr read-only CAPABLE is the main issue, not
making it read-only at all times.

If you are exporting /usr to an array of machines there is no reason
that it should be exported read-write.  On a central server, it may be
mounted read-write or re-mounted read-write when changes (including
/usr/src) are made.

If you wish to make /usr/src read-write, but leave the rest of
/usr/src read-only, then you could symlink it to somewhere else, but
that is your own business.


(Please followup to debian-devel@pixar.com)

Daniel Quinlan  <quinlan@spectrum.cs.bucknell.edu>

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